Providing Solutions for Improved Health

Providing Solutions for Improved Health

Providing Solutions for Improved HealthProviding Solutions for Improved Health

Healthcare, Government, Technology, Public Health

Take a look at some highlights from Secretary Shulkin's experience and accomplishments on behalf of our nation's veterans - click on the link: 

Access to Care


Improving Access to Care

Creating greater access to care and decreasing wait times is one the ways to improve quality and enhance the effectiveness of the delivery system

                      See the Articles Below in Improving Access.

Artificial Intelligence

Coronavirus (Covid19)


Potential Treatments for Serious Covid19 Infections

We are tracking all potential currently available treatments for seriously ill patients with Covid19. There are 11 listed below (these are not recommendations or endorsements but rather are based only upon anecdotal or theoretical evidence). Some are currently in clinical trial testing and others are not:

1. Remdesirivir (SARS, MERS, Ebola)
3. Darunavir/Cobicistat (HIV)
4. Sarilumab (Rheumatoid Arthritis)
5. Chloroquine (Marlaria)
6. Umifenovir (Influenza- Russia, China)
7. Baloxavir (Influenza A and B- Japan and US)
8. Favipiravir (West Nile, Influenza - Japan, China)
9. Hydrochloroquine (Autoimmune illnesses)
10. Corticosteroids (Broad based)
11. Convalescent Plasma (Tested in Ebola, Sars)

12. Hydroxychorloquine and Azithromycin-  30 patient study- Chinese

If you are aware of additional treatments that have potential evidence of effectiveness please let us know at .

Government Expertise


Federal Sector

Understanding how government works and performs its functions is essential for companies impacted by government policies and regulations.

State and Local Governments

State and local governments are increasingly involved in the success of the function and growth of business. 

Public Policy

Secretary Shulkin is a strong advocate for public policy that supports affordable and effective solutions to the country's health problems.   

Investment Due Diligence


Private Equity and Venture

Understanding opportunities and providing due diligence for potential investments 

Population Health


Keynote Speech- Population Health Summit

Secretary Shulkin will be speaking at the Annual Population Health Summit in Philadelphia this Spring

Social Determinants

Secretary Shulkin on a Point in Time Count for Homeless Veterans

Social Determinants is a SuperPower in Improving Health Outcomes

Food Pharmacies, Transportation, Safe Housing, and Loneliness are Essential for Population Health

Strategic Growth


Helping Businesses Grow

Businesses with the right strategies and that fill market needs grow quickly.   Having the right advisors to navigate the healthcare ecosystem is more important than ever before. 

Veterans Benefits and Employment


Benefits Issues

Agent Orange,  Burn Pitts, and other service related disabilities and illnesses are 

critical issues for veterans.   Benefits for veterans is an essential part of honoring this country's commitment to those that have served. 

Secretary Shulkin works with companies interested in creating work environments that are fulfilling and meaningful to veteran employees.